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Show Train have been transporting people – from families to famous bands, corporate groups to VIPs – around the Alps and beyond since 1985.

Based in beautiful surroundings at the foot of the Chamonix valley, we’ve been transporting people – from families to famous bands, corporate groups to VIPs – around the Alps and beyond since 1985. But where did it all start? How did a one-man-band turn into a successful business transporting not just thrill-seekers to ski resorts but popstars to concerts?

Founder and business owner, Laurent Maret tells the story:


“I can’t think of a more appropriate phrase to capture our beginnings. Busily involved in the music industry in the 1970s in Germany, I drove bands around Europe. But as a music-loving, avid-drumming, often-driving, ski-instructing Frenchman, I wanted a way to bind these passions together into one – and a Chamonix-based transport business was born.”


1970 - 1985

The Early Years

“Initially, the company filled a specific gap in the market. I was an Argentière ski instructor and many of my clients wanted the freedom to explore nearby resorts – but getting there and back was difficult. I set up ‘Mont Blanc Express Tours’ which allowed me to combine driving with ski instruction, while giving clients a new way to explore different terrain. It was a new concept back then.”

1985 – 1990

Why Show Train?

“Given my musical connections, transporting touring bands became a core part of the business. We created made-to-measure ‘Night Rider’ buses which would tour Europe for weeks on end, often touring with some world-famous bands. One night, with the aid of a fine bottle of whisky, a guitar player from an American blues band coined the name Show Train. His reasoning went something like this: “These Night Rider coaches are like those on night trains and we’re travelling show-to-show…so why not Show Train?” (It was a good whisky after all!) Anyway, we loved it and adopted it as a way of always reminding us of where we came from. I doubt many businesses get named like this!”



“In 1995, Annie, who is English, became a partner within the business too. She proved the perfect fit having worked with English tour operators and ran her own business in Morzine. It helped us to expand the business to meet ever-growing demand but also to maintain our commitment to excellent customer service. For us, it’s always been important that clients can speak to us whenever they want.”


Show Train Today

“With more people, companies and tour operators working with Show Train, we needed new facilities to meet demand. So, in 2000 we purchased a large depot with an office and garages in Le Fayet, at the foot of the Chamonix valley, and close to the main A40 motorway.

Astrid’s a key part of the team here, helping us to continue to meet our commitments to a quality, 24/7 personal service, with top-of-the-range vehicles that are regularly maintained and cleaned inside and out every day. Above all, we want to continue to ensure that clients experience the most relaxing journey possible to their destination – wherever they’re going.

Having a large depot even allows me to play the drums now and again – when the phones aren’t ringing of course!”

2000 - now

...Here is a 2021 update from us:

Laurent Maret sold Show Train at the end of 2019 to Voyages Redbus who are ideally placed at the heart of the Arve Valley to enact the transition. Redbus's founder, Guillaume Rederstorff is just as passionate about the industry and is committed to continuing the same ethos that Laurent implemented. Both continuously seek the best for their clients. Annie (Show Train) and Hombeline (Voyages Redbus) both remain your first point of contact.



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